Al Jazeera America: ‘James Foley did not die in vain’

Paying off terrorists makes everyone less safe Almost as outrageous as the savage murder of American journalist James Foley on Wednesday was the sight of a bubble-headed announcer on CNN nattering about what could be done to assure that all other Americans in foreign captivity “come home safely.” I have news for her and others […]

Al Jazeera America: ‘Obama’s canny anti-interventionism’

The president’s cautious foreign policy may end up being his greatest legacy Those of us who wish the United States would intervene less in the world are fated to be forever unsatisfied. Americans are activists by nature; we like to believe we can make the world a better place, even if that takes military force. […]

Boston Globe: 'Stability does not require democracy'

Boston Globe: ‘Stability does not require democracy’

The US should support leaders who establish control, provide security, and improve lives. IT WAS revealed earlier this month that the United States has been sending agents into Cuba to identify dissenters and help them build an anti-government movement. At a moment when so many countries are in violent upheaval, why would we seek to […]

Boston Globe: 'Conventional military has lost power'

Boston Globe: ‘Conventional military has lost power’

HORRIFIC CONFLICTS are shaking the Middle East, and war has erupted in Eastern Europe. The United States seems unable to shape the course of events. This is despite the fact that we have by far the most powerful military in the world. Today’s conflicts illustrate the declining value of conventional military power. For many decades, the […]

Boston Globe: 'Can the US accept allies as equals?'

Boston Globe: ‘Can the US accept allies as equals?’

BY EXPELLING the CIA station chief in Berlin recently, Germany hoped to jolt the United States into paying attention. Germans are outraged by reports that American spies may have been working inside their security services. Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that hostile operations like this “contradict everything that I understand to be a trusting cooperation […]