Stephen Kinzer Interview on “The Spotlight” Podcast

Join hosts John-Michael Ellis and Avery Cochrane, and distinguished American journalist, Stephen Kinzer as they discuss the untold stories of American history.

Stephen Kinzer on Slow Learners Podcast

Opposing Points Ep 45 | Stephen Kinzer – Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control

Stephen discusses the brains behind the CIA’s quest for mind control using psychotropic drugs like LSD and Mescaline, what we know about the MK Ultra project and also about journalism in general, understanding how to identify the truth despite mainstream media narratives.

The Tulsi Gabbard Show | The Cost of War

Tulsi Gabbard and her guest Stephen Kinzer, a prolific author, award-winning foreign policy correspondent, and Senior Fellow at Brown University, discuss the profound cost of war — in the forms of human life, your taxpayer dollars, the US economy, and our safety, security, and freedom. They cover the consequences at home and abroad of the decisions made by the President and Commander in Chief, by leaders in Congress, even by Hillary Clinton, and the “War Machine” subcontracting our foreign policy to other countries.

Rik’s Mind Podcast Ep 108 | MKUltra & the CIA’s Poisoner in Chief Sidney Gottlieb w/ Stephen Kinzer