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Boston Globe: ‘On CIA abuses, denial does Americans no favors’

BECAUSE I’M a wonderful guy, I don’t like people suggesting that I’ve ever done anything wrong. Countries are the same way. Yet if we frankly acknowledge our mistakes, we may avoid repeating them. But this can be painful. It feels better to gloss over unpleasant aspects of our history and pretend that we are either […]

Boston Globe: 'US, Iran share a common enemy: Heroin'

Boston Globe: ‘US, Iran share a common enemy: Heroin’

ACCORDING TO a principle of traditional geopolitics, countries should seek to help their friends and hurt their enemies. This sounds logical. It can also help assure, however, that enemies remain enemies. Sometimes it can lead countries to ignore their own interests as they seek to harm others. Decisions about whether a particular country qualifies as a […]