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Predicting the unpredictable for 2019

Predicting the unpredictable for 2019

It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future. That gem of homespun wisdom from the philosopher Yogi Berra weighs on anyone who looks into the crystal ball of geopolitics. Yet the very fact that the world has become so topsy-turvy makes the exercise all but irresistible. Here, then, are one prognosticator’s guesses about what […]

With Syria announcement, Trump confronts his own militarist cabal

AN ENEMY OF American foreign policy is secretly embedded at the highest level of the Trump administration. This lone figure cleverly hides his subversive views. He pretends to endorse the national security team’s snarling, bomb-everyone-yesterday aggressiveness, but his heart is not in it. Could that be President Trump himself? His startling announcement that he will pull American […]

How ‘femicide’ drove the caravan

Violent clashes at the US-Mexican border, with refugees throwing rocks and police firing tear gas, are the latest sign of intensifying trouble in Central America. Why are its people fleeing? Some of the reasons are easy to identify. Decades of exploitation by US-owned corporations left a legacy of political oppression and weak coffee-and-banana economies. Militarization in […]