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Fernando Botero, Artist of Whimsical Rotundity, Is Dead at 91

His voluptuous figures, both in paintings and in sculpture, portrayed the high and mighty as well as everyday people through an enlarging prism.

50 years later, Chile’s coup has a disturbing number of supporters

The 1973 overthrow of a democratically elected government led to disappearances, repression, and dictatorship. Today, many Chileans see it as a moment of liberation.

Too often, military defense comes off as offense

The ‘security dilemma’ explains why maneuvers meant to protect peace can lead to war.

The political earthquake in Guatemala

Voters have elevated an anti-corruption reformer to the presidency of a country teetering on the edge of becoming a failed state.

The US is losing sway in Africa

The United States lavished military aid on Niger and nearby countries. But the ties we built have turned out to be tenuous.