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An Interview With Stephen Kinzer

The award-winning foreign correspondent and author of The True Flag speaks on the 120-year history of American intervention in the world. By Patrick Lawrence When I started reading The True Flag, Stephen Kinzer’s latest book, I got only a few pages in before thinking, “I’ve read him for years. Why not try to meet?” The result was an interview, the […]

LISTEN: History’s Lessons for American Foreign Policy in 2017

In conversation with Jonathan Curiel, Author; Journalist – As President Trump takes office, how should the United States act in the world? Drawing on his latest book, Stephen Kinzer will transport us back to the early 20th century, when the United States first found itself with the chance to dominate faraway lands.

Stephen Kinzer on "Trending Globally" Podcast

Stephen Kinzer on “Trending Globally” Podcast

Stephen Kinzer reads an excerpt from his new book, The True Flag, and discusses American imperialism today and yesterday.

Stephen Kinzer on NPR’s “Here & Now”

How the century-old debate over “American Empire” still resonates