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Interview about Iran with “The Takeaway” on NPR (audio)
Interview on PBS News Hour

June 17, 2010

Iran and the US Share Strategic Goals

Rooz, Sept 8, 2009
Interview with Iranian-American Web Magazine Rooz
Persian Version

Comments on US relations with Iran and Afghanistan, in speech to US Labor Against the War conference

Chicago, December 2008

Iran and the United States are
“not fated to be enemies forever.”

Interview with Foreign Policy Journal, July 25, 2009

Un-“threat”-ing Iran: · 2008
An Interview With Stephen Kinzer

Transcribed interview on Iran

Interview with Counterpunch, April 2008
“The way to make Iran calm down and feel like it doesn’t need to pursue policies that are highly destabilizing in the Middle East is to make Iran feel safe.”

Interview about Iran

Interview with NiemanWatchdog, February 2008
“If the U.S. and Iran sit down for serious and broad-ranging talks, they may find that not only do their interests not make them logical enemies, but that they have many strategic goals in common.”

Interview with Amy Goodman about Iran

Democracy Now, March 2008
In a reality-based, fact-based policy environment in Washington, you’d think that the idea of attacking Iran would be off the agenda now.”
audio/video/transcribed · alternative link

Interview about Iran

The Agonist · 2008
One thing we’re trying to do on this tour is to reach beyond people who are political activists.

Interview about Iran with Fariba Amini · 2006
The US tragically misjudged nationalist leaders in other countries.

All The Shah’s Men

Interview with History News Network

History News Network · September 2005
“Only by understanding the cause of tragedy can we hope to avoid future tragedies.”

Interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air, NPR

2003 · audio

Interview with Buzzflash on “All the Shah’s Men”

BuzzFlash · 2003
We Americans have been asking ourselves now for some time why people in many parts of the Middle East react so negatively toward us and what we consider to be our democratic project for the world. The more we look into history, the more answers we find.

US Intervention

Reimagining Life, War in Middle East

By Julia Keller, Chicago Tribune — June 13, 2010

Interview about “Overthrow”

Transcribed, Guernica, March 2007
“I studied these overthrows of foreign governments not as isolated, unrelated incidents, but as part of a long continuum.”

Interview with Amy Goodman on “Overthrow”

Democracy Now · 2006
I really believe that [John Foster] Dulles was one of the key figures in shaping the second half of the 20th century

Interview with Terry Gross on NPR “Fresh Air”

2006 · audio
Interview with Lawrence Velvel, dean of New England School of Law

Part 1 · Part 2

Video · 2007


Discussing “The Desert of Forbidden Art”
at Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival

Television Interview from Plum TV, Martha’s Vineyard, Sept. 26, 2010

Turkey’s Moves, U.S.-Israel Impact

Interview with Tom Ashbrook on NPR’s “On Point” (audio) — June 9, 2010

Let’s think clearly about what really is good for us over the long run

Interview with · Jan. 22, 2010

Interview with Light Millennium

Light Millennium · June 2006>
“I’ve actually loved almost all of the countries I covered.”

Rwanda Superstar

Interview on NPR’s “On Point”; Jume 11, 2008 audio link

Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future

It Is Nonsense To Say Turkey Has Become an Enemy of the US – August 18, 2010

US, Israel and Turkey: The New Paradigm That Has Long Been Needed

Zaman (Istanbul) – September 15, 2010

An Unlikely Trio: Can Iran, Turkey, and the United States Become Allies?

Foreign Affairs – September 2010

Reset: Stephen Kinzer’s Vision of a New US Relationship With Turkey and Iran

By Robert Naiman, Huffington Post/Truthout — June 11, 2010

PRI’s “The World” – How We Got Here

February 26, 2010
The World’s Marco Werman interviews Stephen Kinzer about his forthcoming book “Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future

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