Following Advice for the Syrian Conflict

Should President Obama and Hillary Clinton follow Donald Trump’s advice when it comes to ending the armed conflict in Syria? Guest Stephen Kinzer of the Boston Globe and senior fellow at Brown University talks about his thoughts.


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  1. constance adam roustom
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    Dear mr.kinzer,
    I have been reading you in many outlets, and I find it intriguing that you can still consider the assad mob the lesser of two evils. I lived there from ’63 to ’82, and then “commuted” until ’94, and my last visit was in 2010. I saw the pre assad mini coups, the assad advance and take over, the disappearances of people from all levels of society, the nationalization of schools, et.c. I also saw all the people who went along to get along. That was very unfortunate for the culture, but there you are. I await a solution brought about by the will of the people. It has not a snowball’s chance in hell.
    Constance Adam roustom
    Monument beach, ma.,02553

  2. James Mueller
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    Jim Mueller

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