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US foreign policy is life-and-death. Don’t expect any meaningful questions about it in the debates.

If you’re looking for bold ideas about America’s future role in the world, don’t tune in to this week’s debates among Democratic presidential candidates. The first round of debates made clear that moderators will not ask deep questions about foreign policy. That’s fine with most candidates, who don’t want to address such questions. Viewers are […]

Bill Keating is ‘not OK’: In search of a progressive challenger for my business-as-usual representative

MANY AMERICANS FACE the same electoral dilemma that frustrates me. We are outraged by the corruption of our political system, and by the suffering it is causing countless human beings around the United States and beyond. Yet when we look at our own representatives in Congress, we see the same bland, business-as-usual, go-along-to-get-along politics that […]