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 “John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles were the forefathers of using covert operations to upset foreign governments — with the aim of overthrow…In The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War, journalist Stephen Kinzer examines their rise to power and how their personal relationship influenced their professional partnership.”

National Public Radio [read full review | listen to interview with Stephen]

 “Kinzer’s portrait is unsparing and unsympathetic; he paints the pair as outlaws in suits, or at least suited by temperament and inclination to operate outside the customary laws of diplomacy. But he also places them in a historical continuum, as heirs to deep mainstreams in American political culture.”


Boston Globe [read full review]

“President Eisenhower knew what was going on,” said Mr. Kinzer, who has written three other books, “All the Shah’s Men,” “Overthrow” and “Bitter Fruit,” which also examine U.S. intervention overseas. “As a general in World War II, he saw thousands of his troops killed. He also knew how important covert operations were in beating the Germans. When it later came to dealing with countries not in line with American interests, he preferred the brothers’ way of covertly overthrowing governments.”

Worcester Telegram [read full review]

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  1. marta kaye
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    The illegal Europeans came across the seas to illegally invade this land of the natives, and conquered it by force,… increased in size of people over many years, created False Flags to cross the Seas again, to illegally invade more countries to conquer by force, in order to make one hugh Empire.

  2. Nicki Smith
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    Just watched Mr. Kinzer’s interview on C-Span’s Q & A and I just want to thank him for The Brothers which I consider to be an outstanding expose and historical lynchpin for unraveling the inane mindset of Cold War thinking and it’s after effects. I intend to bring into conversation many of his discoveries, according to my “light a candle rather than curse the darkness” philosophy. I’ve been a fan of Mr. Kinzer’s ever since his book on Rwanda, A Thousand Hills. You’re an important figure of our time and I just wish to encourage you and send my kudos. Thank you, Stephen Kinzer, for your important work!

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