The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire

The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire

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The bestselling author of Overthrow and The Brothers brings to life the forgotten political debate that set America’s interventionist course in the world for the twentieth century and beyond.

How should the United States act in the world? Americans cannot decide. Sometimes we burn with righteous anger, launching foreign wars and deposing governments. Then we retreat―until the cycle begins again.

No matter how often we debate this question, none of what we say is original. Every argument is a pale shadow of the first and greatest debate, which erupted more than a century ago. Its themes resurface every time Americans argue whether to intervene in a foreign country.  Every argument over America’s role in the world grows from this one. It all starts here

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  1. Mike Vasovski
    Mike Vasovski at | | Reply

    There is only one book that comes to mind that has impacted me as much as The True Flag and that’s Chalmers Johnson’s The Sorrow of Empire. True Flag is another outstanding and enlightening work that brings to mind the documentary Why We Fight. Mr. Kinzer, thank you.
    Dr Mike Vasovski
    Aiken, South Carolina

  2. Kimball Shelley
    Kimball Shelley at | | Reply

    Mr. Kinder I read the entire book “The True Flag” before I drew a conclusion about your “Anti Imperialist” stance. First, you lead the reader to think that you are taking a balanced approach to presenting both sides, however, shortly into the book you start using pejorative terms to describe the interventionist position. You have every right to present your viewpoint but I was disappointed in the way you did it.

  3. Stan Prager
    Stan Prager at | | Reply

    This is a truly outstanding work that recaptures an important era of American history that has been forgotten by most Americans. I reviewed the book on my book blog here:

  4. Lou
    Lou at | | Reply

    I was surprised by your comments on twitter about sayin all Croatians are Nazi because there coat of arms on there flag witch dates back to 15 century. I hope you deleted that negative comment..Thank you

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